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 We support the following Missionaries:


 Bob and Vicki Bush (Unreached Villages Ministries, International, INC)


 Rev. Terry & Renee Mize  (Terry Mize Ministries)


 Rev. Gerald and Kathy Green (Harvest Time Ministries)

Rev Brian & Beth Wills (Healing4Nations)

 KingsWay Prison and Family Outreach (Harrisonburg, VA)



Children's Ministry

Introducing, "Jimmy" 













Baby Bottle Campaign

Each year we have an AVA Care of Harrisonburg fundraiser to raise $ to help our local crisis pregnancy center.  Each person can take a baby bottle and collect their change - when their bottle is full they bring it to church and empty it into a larger bottle. We finish up on Mother's Day each year.  We also participate in their Annual "Walk for Life" fundraiser.


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