We support the following Missionaries:


 Bob and Vicki Bush (Unreached Villages Ministries, International, INC)


 Rev. Terry & Renee Mize  (Terry Mize Ministries)


 Rev. Gerald and Kathy Green (Harvest Time Ministries)

 Praying Pelican Missions - Puerto Rico

 KingsWay Prison and Family Outreach (Harrisonburg, VA)



Children's Ministry

Introducing, "Jimmy" 












Flash Mobs


Throughout the year, we share the message of Christ through singing at local businesses.


Click here for pictures of our most recent event.

Baby Bottle Campaign

Each year we have an AVA Care of Harrisonburg fundraiser to raise $ to help our local crisis pregnancy center.  Each person can take a baby bottle and collect their change - when their bottle is full they bring it to church and empty it into a larger bottle. We finish up on Mother's Day each year.  We also participate in their Annual "Walk for Life" fundraiser.


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